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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 11 Review

Graphic design has always been one of my weakest skills as a web designer.  Being a visual person, one would think that I would be a great artist. For me, I’m able to do enough to get by, but there are some very great designers out there. These designers use Adobe Photoshop (try Gimp as an alternative-open source and free) as a first line of defense to draw out the framework for the design. They then go and export that design to HTML.  If you are good at graphic design, you can take care of a lot of visual design and focus more on the coding of your website.

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Samsung Galaxy s6 First Impressions

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. I was fortunate to be able to get my hands on one during my lunch break. I decided to stay up late last night to write this post out and I scheduled this post to post by itself on July 2 (Have to love technology). For us tech nerds, we want to know what’s under the hood of the device. For consumers, you want to know if the phone has anything different from the prior device. Well, to answer the latter, the device looks just like the Samsung Galaxy s5, but there are some slightly different enhancements if you look closely.

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Google Hangouts

In this Google Hangout session, I discuss our website and we discuss some of the latest rumors surrounding BlackBerry going Android for an upcoming device!

Xara Web Designer 11 Premium

Review: Xara Web Designer 11 Premium

In my undergraduate days, I majored in computer science and minored in mathematics my first year.  By my sophomore year of college, I did the complete opposite- majored in mathematics and a minor in computer science.  Having both fields of study under my belt gave me the ability to become a problem solver and learn how to code. Although I am not as advanced in programming as I wanted to be in say C++, I did pick up a passion for web design and coding in HTML and Javascript.  Luckily for me there are various tools that I have used to help me to sharpen my skills in programming. I’d recommend you do the same even if you have never dealt with programming at all (see CodeAcademy–it’s free!)

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BlueTooth Walk N' Talk Headphones Review

Blu Audio Talk n’ Walk Headphones + Mic & Mobile Control When you’re on a noisy or windy city street and with the 40mm audio drivers for maximum sound,you’ll appreciate the premium sound quality and well-designed features of…

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Reiko Wireless Premium Pouch for iPhone 5/5c

At some time or another, we have accidentally dropped our beloved smartphone device. In some cases, I have been fortunate not to have any damage done to the screen. However, my luck has run out in recent months as I’ve had my beloved Android device’s…


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