MKBHD: RED Hydrogen Smartphone Prototype Hands-on

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

MKBHD: RED Hydrogen Smartphone Prototype Hands-on

 MKBHD: RED Hydrogen Smartphone Prototype Hands-on

When RED Digital Cinema announced that they were entering the smartphone industry, they provided limited details. Other than the picture shown above, we didn't know much about the phone other than its holographic abilities and it's $1,200 price tag! Read out initial post at your leisure. 

Yesterday, I was watching Marques Brownlee's aka MKBHD's Instagram live. As always, I wanted to see what new device he had to show or what improvements he'd made to his studio.  To my surprise, he was uploading a video of his hands-on experience with the RED Hydrogen smartphone device. MKBHD is a huge RED Digital Cinema fan and he shoots most of his footage using RED's high quality digital video cameras. Therefore, it was fitting to have one of YouTube's biggest stars and RED Digital Cinema fan to get a chance to shoot footage on the smartphone prototype.  

MKBHD wasn't able to give alot if detail, but it definitely was amuch needed video that would give us some type of visual of what the final device will look like. Check out the video from MKBHD, which already has 1.4 million views at the time of this writing. 

Let me know what you think about this device and if you would buy this device. Oh, and RED Digital Cinema please send us a review unit if you come across this blog post! One can only dream right?

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