Meet Red's $1,200 Plus Smartphone: Hydrogen

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Meet Red's $1,200 Plus Smartphone: Hydrogen

Meet Red's $1,200 Plus Smartphone: Hydrogen

A few days ago RED, the maker of RED Digital Cameras, released an announcement on their website about their new smartphone-Hydrogen! The Hydrogen is one of a kind in that it touts to be the first holographic 2D/3D smartphone. In fact on the RED website, it states the following:

RED is offering the Hydrogen at two price points, $1,195 for Aluminum build and $1,595 for the more durable Titanium build. Now you maybe wondering why the high price? I thought the same thing. Then I began to think about the quality of cameras that RED builds with digital cameras.

Here's the reasons for the high price tag. I believe that the holographic feature will be like no other. Secondly, with the experience RED has the camera sensors and technology, the phone is bound have one heck of a camera on the smarpthone! I think that the camera sensor technology in the phone will the major reason why the price is high.

Who will the phone catch the attention of?

I imagine that it will catch the attention of high-profile bloggers, but more importantly photographers. If RED can create a smartphone with a camera with a depth of field that can capture images like DSLR, then they will have a home-run hit. For photographers this will allow them to have a device in their hands that will capture high-quality images without needing to pack around a DSLR camera and bag. Will this totally replace DSLR? No, but smartphone cameras are doing a fairly good job of creating quality images.

Another audience this smartphone would cater to is YouTube Creators! I'd use the phone for sure to record my video reviews for products and I'd Vlog a lot more. Think of the capabilities with this phone paired with your favorite smartphone camera rig! This will be a media machine that gives the users the best of both worlds--photography and media!

Any Additional Details About the Phone?

So far the specifications have not been revealed, but the Instagram page I found on Instagram showed a picture of what to expect if you pre-ordered the device. The one thing that stands out to me is the micro-SD slot. Most manufacturers are abandoning the SD storage with the exception of LG and others. So it's good to see RED thinking about additional storage for those who will be using the smartphone for multimedia purposes.


Here are some additional details about what we know about the HYDROGEN smartphone by RED.
  • Display: 5.7″ Professional Hydrogen Holographic
  • OS: Android Operating System
  • Viewing Modes: AR, MR, VR, Holographic, H4V, 2D, 3D in Landscape or Portrait
  • Integrated support: RED Cameras - Monitor and Control
  • Cameras: Front and rear
  • Audio: 5.1 audio through headphone jack
  • Storage: Internal as well as expandable Micro SD Slot
  • Connection port: USB-C
  • Modularity: Attachments will be made available for shooting higher quality motion and still images (as well as HYDROGEN format holographic images)
So what I want to know: Will you be pre-ordering this smartphone? Let us know in the comments!

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