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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Today, we have a jewel for you--the Emmet WordPress Theme by MotoPress. It is a multipurpose theme that includes the ability to integrate BBpress for a forum and WooCommerce for your ecommerce/shopping cart capabilities. This theme is idea for an individual or small company that runs a technology-related or type website. However, anyone can customize this theme to fit his or her needs so it is not limited to only someone who runs a tech blog. So what makes this Emmet WordPress theme a theme that you would want to buy?

fThis day and age there are drag and drop website platforms like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace that allow you to design a website without having any knowledge of coding. The drawback from using those platforms is that you cannot migrate or export the content to another platform like Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress. You will pretty much have to start from scratch.

For a few years now, developers have realized that people want to be able to use a platform like WordPress to develop websites easily and efficiently while maintaining a well-coded site in the event of wanting to migrate the site. Developers have embraced the concept of allowing users to edit websites on the front-end or back-end of WordPress with various plugins. These plugins allow the user to create layouts and drag modules into the layout without touching any code. Emmet will allow the user to make changes without having to touch any code at all. See why below.

So what makes Emmet a must-have template?
We will mention some of the features that we think will make you want to try Emmet.

WordPress Customizer


The WordPress customizer allows the user to make changes in the "Customize" section of the Wordpress Theme. The user will be able to select between various header and footer styles and change the text to those areas in addition to title text. These changes are made instantly once you save them. You as the designer will not have to leave the customizer to see any of the changes.

Responsive Design

In the age of the smartphone, you will want to ensure that your website can and will adapt to any device on the market. Whether you are using a smartphone, your tablet, or desktop computer, the Emmet WordPress Theme is built to be responsive on any device. This will bring you peace of mind to know that your site is in compliance with Google's mobile friendly SEO guidelines.

MotoPress Content Plugin


Included with the theme is the MotoPress Content Editor plugin. It allows you to design your site on the front end. You can drop and drag modules such as a countdown timer, buttons, text, images sliders, layouts, YouTube videos, and more into sections of the page of the theme. All you have to do is drag a module on the page and it will let you know where the module can be placed. This is another great addition to have in this theme. If you wish to use the plugin on multiple sites, you can do so. We will post links at the end of the various price options you have.


What better way to engage your audience than allowing them to make posts in the forums. The BBPress integrates well with the Emmet Theme so you really do not have to make any changes unless you need or want to. Allowing users to build a community on your site will drive more traffic to your website and will help you in the search engines.

WooCommerce Plugin

The WooCommerce plugin is a very popular ecommerce plugin that allows owners of websites to sell items on their website. One of the issues most users have with other templates is poor integration with the theme. The Emmet theme and the WooCommerce work together to bring the user a seamless user experience. You will be selling items in no time. For more advanced features that can be added to WooCommerce, click here.

When we came across the Emmet WordPress Theme, I knew I had to share this with my readers. It is one of my top themes that I would recommend to anyone who needs a simple and fluid design website with all the bells and whistles. You cannot go wrong with a responsive designed website that has a content editor plugin, forum and ecommerce integration (via plugin installation). To top things off, you will be delighted to know that there is documentation available to help you get the theme installed and customized the way you want it.

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