Atrico Rapid-Charging 6-Port Desktop USB Charger Review

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Atrico Rapid-Charging 6-Port Desktop USB Charger Review

The Atrico Rapid-Charging 6-Port Desktop USB Charger is ideal for one who has up to six smart devices. Check out some of the features below:

  • Atrico Multi Port Rapid Smart Charge Tower's Unique Design Simplifies your Home or Office Décor by eliminating your messy clutter of Chargers and Wires. The Charge Tower combines all your charging needs into one simple neat Charging location. The Charge Tower also has a strip of rubber built into the base to improve stability.

  • The Atrico Charge Tower has the most current "Smart" Charging Ports Technology which allow you to efficiently charge various combinations of Smartphones and Tablets. Includes 2 Smart IC Ports for any device, 2 Smart Ports unique for Apple iOS devices and 2 Ports for any Smartphone. The Tower can put out a maximum of 8 Amps at once and a max of 2.4A per port.

  • The Tower Charger Puts Out 40 Watts and 8 Amps Total. The Ports Safely & Dynamically Alter Charge Output for the most efficient Charging times. Also includes "Active Charging" LED light to know when it is in use.

  • The Atrico Tower Charger is also a great Travel Charger option as it is capable of handling either 110v or 240v. Despite it's Powerhouse Charging ability it is easily portable due to it's small size - 4.1" x 2.2" x 0.9"
    For a visual of the product, I did a YouTube video:

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