SMARTPHONEAIDES 3 Port USB Rapid Car Charger Review

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Monday, January 12, 2015

SMARTPHONEAIDES 3 Port USB Rapid Car Charger Review

As a Veteran owned company, we are guided by the core values of Integrity, honor, Loyalty, duty, respect and selfless service. It's because of these principles that we chose for our company's focus not to be profit driven but Impact driven. We want to raise awareness to and support organizations here in the United States that we believe can change peoples lives for the better.  From non-profit organization like Junior Achievement which impacts the lives of children to The Wounded Warrior which impacts the lives of our fallen soldier's we are looking to support by donating a minimum of 10% of all proceeds to them.

  Product Description/Features are mentioned below:
  • CUTTING EDGE - Utilizes exclusive NEXTGEN POWER CHIP 2.0 TM technology which stops charging your device when the charge is full on that port. This is great because it extends the life of the charger. It will not create any static issues or interference with your favorite song on the radio.
  • VEHICLE PROTECTION - High output charger will not damage your vehicle's circuit breakers or cigarette holder. It will not begin to smoke after plugged in for an hour. Utilizing "wings" technology to actually fit in the cigarette holder like other higher end products. This charger will not get hot because of the high grade anti-oxidized aluminum and premium fireproof material.
  • STRESS FREE - You will not have to fiddle, shake or physically hold the charger in place for it to work. It has a nice snug fit. The design is sturdy and compact that doesn't stick out too far. It's strong enough to keep a solid connection when you have three cables in it weighing it down. The higher quality of materials used is immediately noticeable. 
  • UNMATCHED VERSATILITY - No more "I changed phones and now I have to buy a new charger" dilemma. Certified to meet Apple performance standards. However these USB ports don't just stop there. You will be simultaneously charging all sorts of devices with ease. Works with Apple iPhone 6/5/5s/4/4s; iPad 5/Air/Mini; Nexus 4; HTC; LG; MP3/MP4 Player; iPod-Touch 4th Gen; Samsung Galaxy Note S5/S4/S3/Tab 2.0; Motorola; Blu-eCigarette; GoPro Device; Handheld Gaming Devices like your kids Nintendo 3DXL or Sony PlayStation. Labeled nicely so you know which port works best with your device. Perfect for day to day use or long family trips!
    ORDER NOW - Our 100% 'Better Than Your Money Back' guarantee will give you peace of mind so that you never having to buy a new charger again.. No questions, catches, or requirements. Read the product description below for more details!
When you look at the competition and how Smartphone Aides 3 stacks up against them, this is how they outperform the others:

I've used rapid chargers similar to the ones compared to the smartphones aides 3 unit and I must admit that the later is much more efficient! Need we show more?? What are you waiting for! Purchase the product, here.
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