Review: 20CM Retractable Mini Tripod Mount Holder Adapter Stand For Mobile Smart Phone

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Review: 20CM Retractable Mini Tripod Mount Holder Adapter Stand For Mobile Smart Phone

If you have seen any of our reviews, you have noticed that the videos are not that stable. That is because I have had to hold my phone in my hand while trying to review a product. Not only does it not look good, but it also deprives my viewers from really getting to know about the product in different angles! Since we have been getting quite a few page views, I decided that it was time to make a change! I went to eBay and purchase the 20 centimeter (hence, cm) (8") Retractable Mini Tripod Mount Holder Adapter Stand For Mobile Smart Phone by KM Xpress. Spears Computer World wants to produce quality reviews and that requires having the necessary video footage to really show what a product can do!

Below is a brief description of the product as well as the specifications:

Attach your mobile phone or smart phone to this Retractable Mini Mobile Phone Tripod Stand. Change your smart phone like a digital camera, stabilized control while recording or taking photo. This Tripod could fit most mobile/smart phone with 3" Width, it will hold your device more securely, non-slip with one hand easy access.

Item Specification

  • Compatibility Model: Universal Fit with Most Mobile/Smartphone with (min.5cm, max. 8cm)
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Hard Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Mini Tripod with Flexible legs (15-20cm)
  • Head Pans 360° & Tilts 90°
  • Perfect for Photos Shooting, Video Recording or Film Watching with different angles
  • Net Weight: 100g Mini Tripod Stand
Package Content

  • 1 x Retractable Mini Tripod  (Device and Tripod are not included)
  • 1 x Mobile / Smartphone Mount Holder

Our Thoughts

The mount holder is able to expand enable to adjust to the size of your smartphone device. You have to pull the side of the mount and stretch to the width of the device. Upon trying to mount my BlackBerry and LG device, I found that trying to pull the side adjustment lever/slide wasn't an easy task. At times, I'd struggle with trying to pull the adjustment slide while putting phone in. I would have loved to see a button that could be pushed to make the proper adjustments and avoid getting a finger caught. Once you get the device within the mount holder, the device is secured firmly and I can assure you that the device is not going to fall out.

Me using the adjustment lever

mount holder shown with cushions to secure device

2nd view of mount holder

Located on the bottom of the mount holder is a hole that allows one to his or her smartphone flat.

bottom of mount
view of smartphone laying flat on mount
What's a mount holder without having a tripod! The stand is pretty standard, having three adjustable legs and a center piece to attach the mount holder to. This process is very easy. The center piece is also able to be rotated forward or backwards depending on what angle you want to capture your content. The center piece is also able to be moved to the side as well! The legs on the stand are quite sturdy but the legs do not lock upon screwing them. Depending on the surface type, the legs will slightly push in, but not all the time. I've noticed this more so on slippery surfaces such as the desk surface seen in the pictures below. All other types of surfaces were better for the leg placement.

Overall Impressions

 The Retractable Mini Tripod Mount Holder Adapter Stand is very well suited for your smartphone. The mount holder is pretty secure for holding a smartphone devices. As stated previously, I would love to have had a button that allowed me to adjust the adjustment lever up and down as needed for the device. Overall, this tripod and mount make reviewing products much easier! If you are interested in buying the exact same stand that we reviewed, you can buy it from ebay here for $8.95 plus free shipping! the folks at KM Xpress will ship this product out immediately and you'll have this item in no time!


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