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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Computer Repair

Spears Computer World prides itself in web design, but we also love to resolve PC problems.  We had a client have issues with his computer. Pop-ups were coming out of nowhere, ruining the browsing experience.  The culprit was malware from a program he thought could be trusted.  Please beware of some freeware programs because they often install additional programs that will slow your computer down.  Needless to say we have his computer running well and back to normal.  If you need us to repair a computer with virus,spyware, or malware, please contact us now!

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John Spears, Jr., Editor-in-Chief

John enjoys website design, tech gadgets, photography, and video games. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his wife and daughter and family.

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  1. Just to Add: Whenever you're installing programs that you've downloaded from the web, it's imperative that the user read carefully what they're installing. Sometimes it may be beneficial to chose CUSTOM installation so that you can only install the program that you've downloaded and not those spyware/malware that comes along with it.